Five simple 1940's Beauty Guides for Celebrating VE Day at home

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Red lips for a forties fancy dress theme

The lips are the most important part of the '40s face. Lipsticks were thought to keep women's spirits up during, red and … red!

Rock the Vintage Glamour with Shimmer and Gloss

This plump look was called the Hunters Bow lip

Vaseline was used to add a little luster and gloss.

1940’s Makeup – Victory Red Lipstick

Paint a deep Luscious full mouth

Achieve the authentic forties with a lip, cheek and contour all in one pallet...

For a quick and simple contour effect and to plump up the cheeks for forties fashion, add a subtle touch of your lipstick to the apple of your cheeks and under your cheek bone

1940s nails with a a half moon exposed

Lock-down allows time for a hand-pamper spa!

Cuticles were always kept immaculate, trimmed and moisturized. Nails were almost always painted in various shades of red, although

pink, coral, mauve, rose and burgundy nail paints were the most popular colors

Quick and simple

Ribbon flag face-art

Feeling fresh out of ideas for simple and quick celebratory cheek designs

Here’s an inspiration for celebrating....grab your face-paints and apply the Union Jack abstract work of art. Apply a flat brush to your red, blue and white paint and let your hand freely move across the cheeks - you'll be surprised at your masterful work!


As my face-painting demonstrates below, approach your design following the form of your face. Apply the design on the cheek and around the upper cheek bones just as I have done here. Try not to go below the nose - or close to the mouth.

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