How to achieve that smile

Updated: Jun 17

Before make-up

Does a smile really make a difference?

A PR company approached me to enquire If I could offer a makeover service for their client, 'Colgate Toothpaste' who were planning an event. I was asked to offer a grooming advice package that incorporated a ‘how to achieve the perfect smile’. Well that made me smile! as my guess was that I could only start with – use colgate!..

I did relish at the thought of mentoring on this subject and reminding people what a difference facial smile muscles effect our face. Its like a light bulb has ignited that lights us up in a flash – We look far more attractive and far younger. I reflected on the moto ‘if you smile the whole world smiles with you and if you cry you cry alone’

After make-up

I’m often being asked how to reverse the signs of ageing. In my opinion no amount of makeup and trick lighting will work without the perfected smile and moving our facial muscels in a great work out too. They say laughter keeps you feeling young inside, in my opinion a smile takes years off you from the outside. We are too distracted with everyday life to think about moving these tiny muscles in our face – perhaps we should start by smiling at our reflection in the mirror first thing in the morning…or last thing at night if your prefer!

Look how these images are living proof that a makeover will always need an extra helping hand.

REMIND yourself daily not to leave behind that beautiful, bold, sunshine smile.

Particularly in these challenging times.




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