Working on Grizabella, (the musical Cats). Make-up for an Ice-Skating Awards Ceremony in London

Updated: Jun 17

I was asked to create a Grizabella's make-up for an ice-skating awards ceremony and as it was a project I enjoyed enormously I thought I'd share my step by steps.

The base work for achieving the animalistic 3 D effect is in my opinon the most important stage. I would suggest before approaching the make-up really study images and animals faces and bone structure so you have a better understanding of where the light and shade falls. Selecting your tones will reflect the character of the animal so choose soft warmer tones over cold and dark if the character is to portray a good nature.

I like to use Diamond FX for creating line work and I am also a fan of natural face-paints - so I am forever researching the very latest safest but effective products on the market! (follow my tried and tested blog overtime). I always use baby sponges with a few squirts of water in the paint before applying and blending the base work.

I've used water-based colours in the majority of the design and powders to warm up the cheeks as this is softer and more flattering.

Now for the Fun Part!..Once all the features have been competed that being the whiskers, eyes and brows, its now that extra sparkle when it all comes together and shines!.I applied irridescent powder to the eyes and gloss to the lips with a golden and bronze diamontes to highlight the colours in her skating costume.

TIP: Ask the client to send you a picture without make-up prior to designing the look. Also aks them for a picture of the costume - so you arrive with the perfect kit.

Sometimes using tiny finishing elements - such as when applying the diamontes or glitter, can make that massive difference. Many artwork designs are pulled together within those final touches!.



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