Why I love painting iconic villians such as the 'Joker'

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

The Savoy gig and role of the make-up artist and my team

I was hired to organise hair and make-up for a private client's family hosting a

'villian to hero movie theme' at the Savoy Hotel in Central London.

I met the client's PA in person to go through each family members theatrical characters and to discuss designs and products required. My job was to apply make-up, nail art and hair and recruit my team. The hosts were hiring television and film costumes and required my makeup to complete the total looks. The looks were to be highly polished and authentic in line with the costumes. I prepared designs after the meeting with the PA and once the family approved them and confirmed my services for the day, I set about organising my make-up and hair team.

The Characters I designed and cre on the day of the event:

Maleficent, Batman, Captain Sparrow, The White Witch and The Joker.

Why I have always enjoyed creating animated villans

I have always enjoyed creating animated villians make-up for the stage and screen, such as the 'joker'. Why? These eccentric, creepy, complex clowning characters provide make-up designers with the perfect backdrop for creativity as its interpreting a bold character like a painter does to canvas.

'Joker' Heath Ledger's versus 'Joker' Joaquin Phoenix's

So this example of my work inspired by Heath Ledger's 'The Dark Knight' became darker and more evil in character overtime.

How do make-up designers work their magic?

Adapting the design and colours will assist the audience in the conveyance of the troubled souls emotion!.

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